T Series vs. Ranger Series

T Series

Takeway® T series clampods are the best solution to the issues of stability and strength that most mini tripods encounter. 

Ranger Series

The ultra-lightweight Takeway®Ranger series is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and ‘small but mighty’. The mini clamp tripod weighs only 120g and is pocket-sized, but has a maximum load capacity of 3kg (Static). It is handy for active situations and can hold many portable consumer electronic products, such as action cams, smartphones and tablets.


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Take memory anywhere

Never miss a shot in the nature again

Want to keep your hands free while taking a selfie? T1 Clampod is your best solution. It can be clamped onto a pole or the edge of an object; it can also stand on its own. So you can take selfies wherever and whenever you are ready for the best shot. Selfie made easy.

Extreme fun

The best companion in extreme sports. You can easily set R2 Ranger Pro. Edition at any angles. Its amazing clamping force keeps the mounted device secure, so you can have 100% fun from your challenge!


Take it anywhere

Take pictures for memories anywhere

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